With molding methods that ensure that the material is under zero tension and meticulous quality control, ClimAir guarantees its materials for ten years. Every ClimAir wind deflector is made in Germany and holds the German government’sgeneral operating permit(allgemeine Betriebseriabnis, or ABE).

Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflectors

Climair Wind Deflectors reduces the temperature in your car by allowing cool, fresh air to circulate through your car.

Slightly tinted wind deflectors
Slightly tinted wind deflectors
Highly tinted wind deflectors
Highly tinted wind deflectors

Product Features:

  • Easy to fit.
  • Manufactured using high quality acrylic glass - making them flexible and durable.
  • Keeps rain out.
  • Prevents wind blowing directly in your face.
  • Reduces the inside temperature of your car during summer.
  • Improves air circulation.

Why Choose ClimAir?

  • Climair wind and rain deflectors are precision made in Germany and are T.U.V approved with a two year guarantee.
  • Climair are an OEM approved supplier to the world's finest vehicle manufacturers.
  • Climair products are tailor-made for every type of car, van and commercial vehicle.
  • Each product comes with full fitting instructions and helpful tips.
  • Climair deflectors install quickly inside your window channel.
  • Climair deflectors come right down the front of the window to the frame.
  • ClimAir wind deflectors are simple to install and does not need to be glued or drilled in.  

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